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Marijuana's health risks and harms

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Report of the Standing Committee on Health
Ben Lobb  Chair

Pursuant to its mandate under Standing Order 108(2), the Committee has studied marijuana's health risks and harms and has agreed to report the following:
The HTML version of this report will be available soon. In the meantime, the Committee is pleased to make available the report entitled Marijuana's Health Risks and Harms (.PDF, 745 KB) in printable format



Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 13:45

Legalize Cannabis - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health study concludes!

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October 2014 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) released a an evidence based study called Cannabis Framework Policy.

The CAMH study like so many other past evidence based drug policy studies(1) conclusions lead to  prohibition of cannabis is a seriously flawed drug control policy. Legalizing cannabis will not only greatly reduce harm to our families and communities but will allow for a much safer way to actually have some control with regulations.

No need to reinvent the wheel either. Copy the beer and wine regulations. Selling on a commercial level the products provided are regulated the same as beer and wine are now. The regulations allow people to produce their own beer and wine while also providing for private for profit businesses to sell regulated products produced in a regulated commercial facility.
Advertising in the media shouldn't be allowed. Stop allowing alcohol advertising would also help reduce the harm caused from irresponsible use of alcohol products.

Hyper over regulation and or taxation is not the answer either if we really want to gain more control. Avoiding over regulation and or taxation will help reduce the violent criminal gangs current complete control of the cannabis market.
Educate with only evidence based facts starting with cannabis is a safer recreational drug then alcohol, coffee and many other currently legal substances.

Then use the huge amount of law enforcement resources that would become available to be more proactive in stopping crimes then just reactive after people have become victims of harm from another. Colorado has shown huge increase of tax revenue, a reduction in crime and law enforcement costs.

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition Getting To Tomorrow: A Report on Canadian Drug Policy - 2013

The report of the RSA Commission on Illegal Drugs, Communities and Public Policy. Final report: Drugs facing facts - March 2007

Canadian Public Health Association 2007 Resolutions

The Fraser Institute – Vancouver B.C. Marijuana Growth in British Columbia - May 2004

Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs - 2002

The Le Dain Commission Report 1972

Nixon’s Shaffer Commission report March 1970

The La Guardia Committee Report – 1944

Media stories:
Marijuana should be legalized with strict controls to curb its use and social harms, the Toronto-based Centre for Addiction and Mental Health says.
CBC News October 9, 2014

The Inside Agenda Blog
CAMH Backs Legalized Marijuana
Sandra Gionas, October 9, 2014

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 October 2014 13:32

Global Commission on Drug Policy Report

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (September, 2014)

2.1 Put people’s health and safety first
2.2 Ensure access to essential medicines and pain control 
2.3 End the criminalization and incarceration of people who use drugs
2.4 Refocus enforcement responses to drug trafficking and organized crime
2.5 Regulate drug markets to put governments in control


Summery of recommendations:

"Putting health and community safety first requires a fundamental reorientation of policy priorities and resources, from failed punitive enforcement to proven health and social interventions."

"Stop criminalizing people for drug use and possession – and stop imposing compulsory treatment on people whose only offense is drug use or possession. "

"Allow and encourage diverse experiments in legally regulating markets in currently illicit drugs, beginning with but not limited to cannabis, coca leaf and certain  novel psychoactive substances."

"Rely on alternatives to incarceration for non-violent, low-level participants in illicit drug markets such as farmers, couriers and others involved in the production, transport and sale of illicit drugs."

"Take advantage of the opportunity presented by the upcoming UNGASS in 2016 to reform the global drug policy regime. "

"Focus on reducing the power of criminal organizations as well as the violence and insecurity that result from their competition with both one another and the state." Download full report at


Download full report at  Global_Commission_Report_English.pdf





The New York Times - Repeal Prohibition, Again

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The New York Times
Repeal Prohibition, Again

Share your views on the Editorial Board's call to repeal the federal ban on marijuana.

In coming days, we will publish articles by members of the Editorial Board and supplementary material that will examine these questions. We invite readers to offer their ideas, and we will report back on their responses, pro and con.

The Opinion Pages High Time: An Editorial Series on Marijuana Legalization



Book by B.C. researcher says media, police not talking straight on pot

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By The Canadian Press — CP — Dec 25 2013

For the book, titled "Killer Weed: Marijuana Grow Ops, Media, and Justice," Boyd examined 2,500 articles from four major daily newspapers in British Columbia from 1995 to 2009.

She found news coverage about cannabis enforcement in B.C. frequently contained inaccurate information or exaggerated claims about the size and scope of the underground marijuana industry, the sorts of people associated with grow-ops, and the industry's connection to gangs.

Assertions by police - particularly the RCMP, which is responsible for policing in much of B.C. — were left unchallenged, she says, and politicians, in turn, relied on such misinformation to push for stricter drug laws.

For example, the news articles she examined repeatedly asserted marijuana grow-ops are inextricable linked to gangs and other criminal organizations. Police spokespeople were frequently quoted explaining that modern-day grow-ops are not "mom and pop" operations.

But Boyd says the federal government's own research does not support that claim.

She cited a Justice Department study that was completed in 2011, obtained by a reporter through an access to information request, that examined a random sample of 500 marijuana grow operations. Of those, just five per cent had apparent links to gangs or organized crime.

"This study wasn't released by our federal government, and you could see why," says Boyd.

"It doesn't fit with their Safe Streets and Communities Act, which frames marijuana grow-ops as always being associated with organized crime and gangs. I would say it's probably the reverse."

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