2010 occupation of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Calgary constituency office

December 20, 2019

'Keith represents the type of person who made cannabis law reform happen in Canada,' says Jodie Emery

John Conroy met Fagin while they were both working together at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Canadian Chapter in the early ’70s. Conroy went on to serve as NORML Canada‘s president and Fagin became its regional director for the prairies.

“This man deserves support from all of the people he’s helped and for all of the great work he’s done in Alberta⁠ — both him and his wife Debbie,” Conroy said. “I was very sad to see what had happened to him and felt he was very deserving of getting the stuff he needs to get mobile again.”

Dana Larsen
Keith Fagin is a cannabis hero and he needs our help now.
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Fagin has been involved in the modern cannabis movement since its early days, said Dana Larsen, director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society.

Fagin helped found one of the country’s first compassion clubs, Calgary 420, Larsen said. He was always willing to talk about why Canada needed to legalize cannabis and defend the culture — and then once legalization happened, Fagin was ready to educate people about how flawed the system still is.