By Giuseppe Valiante, National Bureau 
October 21, 2014

OTTAWA — The NDP and Liberals say the Conservative-dominated health committee's report on marijuana is biased, inherently flawed, and omits evidence that contradicts Conservative ideology.

The report, called Health Risks and Harms of Marijuana, recommends the government try to prevent marijuana use in Canada and raise awareness about the drug's harmful effects.

"Look at the name of the study — it says it all," committee vice-chair and NDP health critic Libby Davies said.

She called the majority report "biased" and "disturbing."

Marijuana's Health Risks and Harms
Report of the Standing Committee on Health
Ben Lobb  Chair

Pursuant to its mandate under Standing Order 108(2), the Committee has studied marijuana's health risks and harms and has agreed to report the following:
The HTML version of this report will be available soon. In the meantime, the Committee is pleased to make available the report entitled Marijuana's Health Risks and Harms (.PDF, 745 KB) in printable format