Consultation on Potential Market for Cannabis Health Products that would not Require Practitioner Oversight


Consultation on Potential Market for Cannabis Health Products that would not Require Practitioner Oversight
Wed, 19. June 2019 - Tue, 3. September 2019
Online - Internet
Health Canada


HEALTH CANADA Introduction

Thank you for your interest in the potential market for cannabis health products. You are invited to read the consultation document and share your views.

Health Canada will accept comments until: September 3, 2019.

For any questions on this consultation or questionnaire, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Terms and Conditions

Your personal views and ideas are being collected in order to seek feedback on the potential market for Cannabis Health Products (CHPs). We request your demographic information in order to ensure we are representing the views of participants for meaningful analysis of this consultation. Health Canada will be collecting your information via the Voxco tool and, as such, is subject to Voxco’s privacy policy available at Further information about this tool is available at Comments featured in the consultation report will not be attributed to any specific individual or organization.

Please ensure that any written comments you may provide are sufficiently general so that you cannot be identified as the author and that individual identities are not disclosed.

How to use the online consultation tool

This online consultation contains a short paper on the potential market for CHPs, 5 questions for consumers, 7 questions for industry, 3 questions for other interested parties and some additional demographic questions.
Except for the first question, each question is optional. If you do not feel like answering a question, you may skip to the following question.
If you would like to go back to a previous question, you may do so by clicking on the back arrow.
Each time you click on the forward arrow, your responses will be automatically saved.
If you do not complete the consultation in one session, you may return to continue where you left off by accessing the consultation using the same computer or device on which you began the consultation. Your responses should be saved up to the last page on which you clicked the forward arrow.
You must press “Submit” at the end of the questionnaire, for your responses to be recorded.