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SMLS Public Lecture – "Cannabis in Canada: Edibles and Other Updates"


SMLS Public Lecture – "Cannabis in Canada: Edibles and Other Updates"
Sat, 19. October 2019, 10:00 h - 12:00 h
Canadian Institute of Resources Law Murray Fraser - Calgary, Alberta


The Canadian Institute of Resources Law invites you to attend a free public lecture entitled: <.p>

“Cannabis in Canada: Edibles and Other Updates”

This session will address upcoming changes to Canada's cannabis laws, along with other developments that have occurred in the year since decriminalization. It will explore the new federal rules governing edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and topical cannabis, set to come into effect on October 17. The regulations address various issues, including the composition of these products, packaging, labeling, and the protection of young people. This session will also provide critiques of these new rules, the responses of provincial and municipal governments, and some of the anticipated policy challenges. Other important legal developments include the availability of pardons for those previously convicted of cannabis possession and a variety of provincial and municipal laws addressing such issues as taxation, private versus public sales, public consumption, and the legal age to possess cannabis. We will discuss the changing legal landscape, and critically evaluate how well cannabis laws are working. The session will end with a Q & A period for registered participants.

Lorian Hardcastle will be the presenter

Dr. Lorian Hardcastle is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, where she is also a member of the O'Brien Institute for Public Health. She obtained her J.D. with a Health Law and Policy Specialization Certificate from Dalhousie University, and her masters and doctorate from the University of Toronto. Her research interests include regulation and governance of the health care system, hospital and governmental liability and accountability, patient safety, health system organization and finance, comparative health policy, and the regulation of health professionals. Her work has been published in numerous legal and health policy journals including the Canadian Medical Association Journal, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Alberta Law Review, and Queen's Law Journal.


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